Welcome to my blog!

Hello guys,

I finally did it. I made my own blog. Sorry for taking so long, at the moment I’m really busy with school. If you are reading this you might know me from Instagram. If not, well hello I am Zhen.

I am a nineteen year old hobby photographer. I started taking pictures of all kind of things a long time ago. I really wanted to make better and better photos so I bought my first SLR camera six years ago and since then I really improved my photographing skills. My favourite photographer is Robert Doisneau. I think most of you don’t know him. He made the most beautiful black and white pictures of the street life in Paris.

The Kiss -Robert Doisneau

The Kiss -Robert Doisneau

Currently I’m still in highschool (and I desperately need to get out of there). Luckily it is my final year. Hopefully I pass my exam and be gone. I would like to study neurophysiology next year in Amsterdam.

So basically what I am going to post are my pictures I make and not only of fashion items and clothes but also of places that inspire me.

This whole blogging-thing is quite new for me, so I still have to figure some things out.

I really hope you will follow me on this blogging adventure.

Love and kisses,